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About: We are a group of musicians and artists working together, rethinking online music. We are grahics programmers, application developers and musicians working to make a website advancing the art of audio and technology.

Memory Echo started in California in 2012, individuals where found along the way that are also interested in the same mission. We are working to provide a creative platform where we can also share creative links and ideas.

Most members are spread throughout the SF Bay although we have other satellites throughout the world. Working on a next generation music player with interactions using modern technology and languages. Contact to get in touch if intersted.

We interested in intersting people to join our music collective and website, we are looking for graphics/critics, developers and people that know the latest in front end knowledge and innovative colaboration technology.

People that want to try out m3cho and provide feedback to evaluate a new independent music sharing website. We are a platform to showcase our members art music and happenings in the area realated to creative and experimental music and art.

Contact us to get info and how you can be involed. We are currently growing a group of like minded individuals to one place to share information on a free platform without ads or limitations. Our goal is to enable our collective through tools and colaboration.

Some people work independently and some do work in colaboratave groups.